inBlue Technologies | Our Value


Integrity and Competency

What is integrity without competency and what is competency without integrity? Both are necessary, especially in such a service as information technology. Our integrity means that we will not try to sell you what you do not need. Our competency means that we will understand who you are and what you want and need – and we’ll be able to implement the processes so you can have exactly what you need – not more, not less.

In finding the right IT support company, a solid combination of true integrity and polished competency is essential. inBlue Technologies takes pride in upholding the true meaning of the word integrity and we constantly work hard to learn the new technologies so we can deliver the best service possible. inBlue Technologies only hires seasoned consultants who have already proven themselves in the industry.

We trust each other, we will come to trust you as you will trust us. It’s the basis of true partnership.

What We DON’T Sell

Most IT support companies sell IT services and hardware/software. While this sounds like a good combination, we think there is a much better way to provide a total solution to our customers. At inBlue Technologies, we concentrate on providing the best service available. We are not in the business of selling computer hardware and software. Instead, when hardware and software are needed, we work for our customers to find a reliable vendor who provides the products at competitive prices. Because we are not in the middle, you get the lowest price without a markup. By taking this approach, we keep our customer’s best interests in mind rather than struggling with the conflict of interest introduced by potential profits from hardware or software sales.

Your IT Partner

If all you want is someone to fix computer problems similar to having a plumber fix a leaky sink, you probably don’t want our services. However, if you want a company that strives to be your IT partner working with you to accomplish your business objectives and solve business problems, we are the best.

We are constantly on the lookout to prevent problems before they get in your way. We look for new yet proven technologies that will help you get ahead of your competition. And of course, when your computers act, well, like computers sometimes do, you can depend on us to be there at your side getting things back on track – quickly & efficiently.